About Te-Bar Group


"One Stop Shop for Machine Tool Services, Large Component and Precision Engineering"

TE-BAR specialise in high quality engineering including machine tool repair and refurbishment, CNC precision component manufacture, and large component manufacture and fabrication. We have 3 specialist companies within the TE-BAR group:

  • TE-BAR Machine Tool Services LTD
  • AMMAN Precision Engineering Co Ltd
  • LAB Engineering South Wales Ltd

The TE-BAR Group has a 25,000sq ft manufacturing facility encompassing 25 CNC machines of various sizes and capacities plus design and development offices, which are all conveniently located within the one site.

"Quality Control is Paramount in Everything We Do"

You can Trust Us with Your Projects

Everything we do is governed by our attention to detail and rigorous quality standards in our drive to achieve manufacturing excellence. We implement thorough quality control and specification checks on all work before releasing to our valued customers.

The TE-BAR Group is now currently in the process of updating its quality standard to the new latest version, ISO 9001:2015 and the Group is also in the process of implementing and seeking the AS 9100 rev C accreditation for the aviation, space and defence sectors.

"A Customer Base to be Proud of"

The Group has a large and diverse customer base which includes SMEs and multinational corporations. Our clients include:    

"Over 36 Years of Engineering Experience"



TE-BAR ENGINEERING GROUP started out as a sole trading Company in 1980, ‘TE-BAR Machine Tool Services’, which specialised in the machine tool sector. The core business was the repair and servicing of machine tools, for both conventional and CNC machines.  

As the customer base grew the Company took on larger projects which involved re-conditioning and retrofitting machine tools. TE-BAR also invested in a slideway grinder for the refurbishment of machine tool slideways.

During the demise of the machine tool industry the Company invested in facilities to produce its own spare parts for machines that had gone out of business or were obsolete.

With our increasing positive reputation TE-BAR was increasingly asked about sub-contract machining and in 2005 the Company subsequently invested in 6 CNC machines to produce components for its ever growing customer base.

Then in 2009 TE-BAR was accredited with the quality standard ISO 9001:2008


In 2013 the Directors acquired local Company ‘Amman Engineering Ltd.’ and rebranded it as ‘Amman Precision Eng. Co. Ltd.’ to reflect its expertise in producing high accuracy components. This Company dealt with the production of small components in one offs and batch work.

Amman was merged with the manufacturing side of TE-BAR Machine Tool Services which allowed TE-BAR to revert back to concentrating on its core business of machine tool repair and reconditioning. Amman continued to grow and took on extra men and an apprentice while also investing in more CNC machinery.

In February 2015 TE-BAR Group acquired LAB Engineering (South Wales) Ltd which added to the group’s CNC machining capabilities by tripling the machining capacity. The group was  now being able to mill up to 3m long and turn up to 550mm diameter.

In January 2016, the TE-BAR Group’s machining facilities were all moved onto one site with 25,000 sq.ft. of floor space plus offices, and we now have over 25 CNC machines of various sizes and capacities across the 3 Companies.

As well as a vast machining capacity with extensive range of CNC Milling, Turning and conventional machining facilities the Group also has the facilities to fabricate, shot blasting, paint and fitting/assembly.

All our CNC’s are fully integrated to our CADCAM system where we run 2 suits of Solidworks and SolidCAM so enabling us to generate 3D programs from models, dwg, HSM, HSR, and HSS files.


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