TE-BAR Slideway Grinding

"Maintain machine accuracy with precision slideway grinding"

Ensure your Machines Keep Producing Accurate Work with TE-BAR Precision Slideway Grinding

Slideway Grinding is probably the one most important single factor for any machine tool accuracy. Here at TE-BAR our grinding technicians have more than 35 years of all the relevant skills for grinding vee, square edged and trapezoidal slideways.

Since slideway grinding is the most important factor for machine tool accuracy, all of our precision grinding machinery is laser calibrated in order to maintain the highest standards of workmanship.

Our comprehensive Slideway Grinding Services include:

Slides and Beds

Slide way grinding, bed grinding, way grinding, bed way grinding


Scraping, hand scraping, bed way scraping


Turcite installation and grinding.

Anti-friction materials

We also fit and machine Anti-friction materials enabling us to give a full turnkey package to any slideway application including tapered and trapezoidal gib strips.

Slideway Grinding

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