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"Specialists in large component and titanium machining"

LAB Engineering Co South Wales

LAB Engineering (South Wales) Ltd are specialists with 20 years experience in the machining of large components and assembly.
We provide fast turnaround and a cost effective accurate component manufacturing service second to none through the use of high tech machinery.
We are approved subcontractors for many large established companies including Timet, Tata, Lloyds British, Magor, and Calsonic Kansei and specialise in the machining of Titanium plate and bar.
LAB Eng are SNECMA Approved (French Aerospace) and the only UK company approved for  machining SNECMA Titanium bars.

LAB Engineering Services include:

Large Scale CNC Turning

Large Capacity CNC Turning Made to Specification

Large Scale CNC Milling

Large Capacity CNC Milling Capability

Maintenance and Refurbishment

Complete Refurbishment, Repair and Reassembly Service

General Engineering and Assembly

High Quality Fabrication, Painting, Welding and General Assembly

Large Capacity CNC Milling and Turning
LAB have large component capability for CNC Milling of 3m x 1m x 1m plus 5 CNC bedmills of various capacities.
We can also provide large component CNC Turning up to 550mm Dia x 1500 long with a 120mm through spindle, and also have a  255mm Dia x 800mm machine with bar feeder for bar feeding up to 90mm Dia.

Automated Turning produces more accurate cost effective parts faster.
We have 2 Hitatchi Seiki turning Cells which can produce 150mm x 150mm long components. These are equipped with loaders and parts turning units that enable the both ends of work to be turned without requiring operators. Hence customers projects can be completed quicker and more cost effectively.

Large scale components produced with high accuracy...

CNCs fully integrated with CAD/CAM

LAB ENG’s state of the art machine technology enables us to rapidly produce highly accurate components consistently, in large volumes or batch by batch.

Our CNCS are fully integrated with CAD/CAM systems which run Solidworks and SolidCam enabling 3D program generation from models with HSM, HSR, HSS file compatibility.

Why LAB is The First Choice for Large Component Engineering:


One Stop

We can provide a complete one stop precision engineering service


Our CNC Turning, CNC Milling and conventional machining centres can handle large components easily


All types of components in various materials possible


Rapid Response

We offer an express service for time critical components



20 plus years experience in precision engineering


High Quality Standards

High Quality Standards: ISO 9001 Accredited and AS 9100 Rev C in process


Cost Effective

Cost effective solutions that maintain high standards of work

Skilled Workforce

Our company is built on Highly Skilled, Fully Trained and Qualified Engineers


Professional Service

Prompt and professional service



We can provide a first class service anywhere within the UK

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