Purpose Built Machinery

"Build a machine to your exact requirements"

When 'new' is the only option TE-BAR have the expertise to build exactly what you need!

TE-BAR provides unequaled expertise in the design, manufacture and application of state-of-the-art purpose built machines developed to solve your industry needs. We have the experience to know and advise you as to when it is more cost effective to either refurbish your current machine or to purchase new.

If you are able to identify any the following then you may be a candidate for new equipment. If only one is problematic, a rebuild may be more cost effective for you.

  • Does your machine meet your needs for size and production?
  • Is your machine mechanically and electrically sound?
  • Is your machine accurate, in good way alignment?

We have designed and built special purpose machinery, control systems, and special purpose tooling and automation that covers all types of industrial needs. By working closely with our clients our aim is to understand their needs and design bespoke machinery and tooling that is simple whilst still meeting all the necessary requirements.

This way we can manufacture a bespoke machine that is both reliable and cost effective

Sample New Machine Build Project:

Wheelchair Measurement Machine

Roma Medical

Some of the steps involved in this custom build

Client Evaluation

Discussed and agreed the detailed requirements with the customer

Design Specification

Generation of the detailed design scope and technical specifications

Evaluation of Initial Ideas

The design team produced several possible solutions for evaluation using various techniques including finite element analysis (FEA).


A prototype was developed for the most feasible design idea

Detail Design

Detailed mechanical, electrical and pneumatic control design drawings were created using CAD.

Machine Build

All machine parts were manufactured in house and the machine was constructed mechanically. Then the pneumatic and electrical systems were added and an electrical control cabinet was built with PLC control.

Touch Screen Control Interface

A Touch Screen Control Panel was added to interface between the mechanical, pneumatic and electrical systems. A control cabinet was built to house the control relays, contactors and Siemens PLC logic controller.

Final testing and hand over

Machine was tested rigorously before final inspection and sign off by the customer.

We employ state of the art techniques to produce every new machine:

TE-BAR takes your specification and requirements from initial design study and concept through to full scale purpose machine design and build. We do this by employing a number of advanced design techniques such as:


Finite Element Analysis

Design Study

Risk Analysis 3D


(CAD) Computer Aided Design models

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