TE-BAR Machine Reconditioning

"Transform old machines to operate and look like new"

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TE-BAR excels in machine tool reconditioning, rebuilding, and retrofitting and we are able to provide engineering analysis, CNC controls, way resurfacing, mechanical restoration, handscraping and flaking services.

TE-BAR has a team of dedicated time served engineers with experience in building machine tools of all types. If your machinery requires servicing or complete refurbishment we can reverse engineer a solution for you, regardless of original manufacture or age.

A machine tool re-conditioning programme includes an agreed specification, pre-work checks, alignment’s, accuracy and calibration verification (using conventional equipment, laser & ballbar).

Sample Reconditioning Project:

Hydraulic Press Complete Recondition


Preparing the chassis


Replace new mechanical and hydraulic parts
Hydraulic Press Stage 3


Add electrical and hydraulic controls, test and commission

What TE-BAR did to bring this hydraulic press back to new:

Strip down

Machine was stripped down to component parts.


Machine carcass was sandblasted to prepare the surface.

Structure checking

All welded joints were tested with a crack detection die.

Reweld and Recheck

Any damaged welds were re-welded and then checked again.

Custom paint

The carcass was painted in the colour requested by the customer.

Parts replacement

New cylinder and piston was manufactured by TE-BAR in our machine shop facility.

Hydraulics replaced

A new hydraulic power pack was fitted and new pipework.

New electrical panels

Electrical control panels were designed, built and fitted to the machine.

Final testing and hand over

Machine was tested rigorously before final inspection and sign off by the customer.

Samples of other projects:

Our comprehensive reconditioning services include:

CE Regulation Compliance

Conversion of machines to CE Regulation conformity where required

Machine Condition Initial Evaluation

Full evaluation of machine condition i.e. electrical system, control drives measurement system, hydraulics, lubrication system, mechanics, slides, ball screws, spindle, gearboxes etc.

Repair, Adjust and Replace

Repair, adjustment or replacement of badly worn or damaged components.

Finishing to Look New

High quality cosmetic finish to give an ‘as new’ appearance.

Functionality Testing

Full functionality testing including machine geometry and repeatability.

Installation and Commissioning

Installation, testing, adjustment and final setting

Warrantee and After Sales Support

Comprehensive warranty covers and after sales back up.

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